Producer | Songwriter | Guitarist

MEMA.'s Imortal single artwork displaying the artist at the center of the picture in a grass field, dressed in a suit with white angel wings.

MEMA. – Imortal

Songwriting | Production | Guitars

Branko's OBG album artwork portraying a stylised mountain landscape.

Branko – ABR


MEMA.'s Descontrolado single artwork showing a blue pen scribble at the center, surrounded by a set of three circles.

MEMA. – Descontrolado

Songwriting | Production | Guitars

Stereossauro album cover Desghosts e Arrayolos

Stereossauro ft. Sara Correia – O Mundo Há de Ser Mais

Songwriting | Co-Production

'Estou Bem' single artwork

MEMA. – Estou Bem

Songwriting | Production | Guitars

MEMA. – Cidade de Sal (EP)

Songwriting | Production | Guitars

Mara Pedro – Ímpeto

Songwriting | Production

CRISP & CLASSY's Extra Crispy album artwork portraying two cherries at the center and the album's name around it (top and bottom).


Guitars on ‘Infatuated’ and ‘Spoon’

Calman – Taifun (remix)


Marlyn – Mother Earth

Songwriting | Production