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I was going through my Instagram feed, procrastinating, bored to death, thinking about what to write next. Then I came across this post from my friend Zim (Thomas Zimmermann) — Portuguese video director, producer & CEO at Point of View — and thought “hey, you know what? I haven’t really talked about video yet!”. But Sofia, how does that relate to music and marketing? Well, video is king. It’s currently one of the most effective content and communication forms, especially when it comes to engagement. And… while a picture can tell a thousand words, video can tell a thousand stories.

So, I gave Zim a call and had a nice chat about music video making, his career, aesthetic aspirations and his company Point of View.

1. What made you fall in love with video and image in general?

Many different things in my childhood: movies, music videos, cartoons, comic books and drawing / design in itself.

2. Your current work is mainly focused on music videos. Why is that?

I was born in the golden age of music videos. I still remember when I used to know Michael Jackson’s videos by heart. I grew up in the 90’s and MTV and other music shows were hugely popular and super creative. I had VHS tapes with music videos all over the place! However, it wasn’t until I started my band (NAD) in 2003 that I started learning more about the field. The need to create visual content for the project and my own curiosity lead me to that experience. We even shot a few videos that were never released because I was never happy with the end result.

Shooting Fernando Daniel’s video

3. Why did you create Point of View?

I wanted to have a brand that I could use to sign my videos. To elevate Point of View to being a platform for creatives to express themselves. It is still a process. And it will continue to be a process.

4. What would you say is the greatest driver for its growth?

Definitely the trust that artists put in our work and potential. Some of them were really important in our growth because of the challenges they put in our hands.

5. How do you promote your work?

The same way any video director does it these days. Online — website and social media (InstagramYouTubeFacebook). But the strongest platform for us is really the music we work on. That’s our greatest tool. We work it in a way that makes it into a promotional platform for us and for the artist himself.

6. How do you come up with and plan a music video?

It all depends on the resources that we have for the video production. Honestly, about 30% of the artists that come to us already have a concept and sometimes even part of the production thought of or handled. In that scenario it is up to us to execute that vision and ideas to the best we can. The other 70% expect us to create the full concept and handle the production part of the video.

Apart from that, it also depends on the existing budget assigned to the project. That will influence our choice of actors, models, accessories, the set, props, etc..

When it comes to ideas, I might actually come up with them when listening to a song for the first time. I’m a strong supporter of this method. They can also come later on either from me or from people around me, like friends and colleagues. Implementing these ideas can be tough, though. In most cases we don’t have the right circumstances to make them happen. You have to be creative with the little that you have.

7. Who are the people, artists or things that inspire you the most?

I usually say that the most important factor in this are our artists. They are the ones who inspire me the most. The passion and creativity they bring take us to another level of inspiration. I’m like a sponge! I absorb and love everything that’s released — good or bad, I always take something from it. Nowadays, aesthetically, I am more inspired by movies and TV series than music videos per se.

Zim with hip hop artist Jimmy P

8. You’ve come a long way. So what’s next for Point of View?

There’s lots of things I want to do and achieve. I just need to find the time and people that have the same drive as I do. Then you’ll probably start seeing something a bit out of the music video zone. Above all, my main goal is the same as yesterday — to keep improving, progressing at every video.

9. Artists usually start their careers with just a few pennies in their pockets. Any advice to artists looking into releasing their first single / video?

Yeah, invest everything in your music first. I’ve had a few people contacting me to make a video for songs that didn’t even get properly mixed and mastered. Basically putting the cart before the horse. Besides that, the only advice I can give is: give everything you’ve got and focus on quality over quantity.

10. Ok, almost done. Your 3 top tips for a good video?

Study what you want to do before doing it. But do it. If you don’t have a great idea, try seeking out good aesthetics for your video. You don’t need fancy cameras. You can get that great angle just by using your phone. There’s no excuse nowadays.

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