For Those Who Create Freely

Today I’m taking a walk into music’s real purpose: to express and to feel. Business can be exciting, but nothing compares to the feeling you get when listening to music. When we look at music as a job, as part of an industry, we often forget about its roots. We often forget why we got ourselves into music in the first place. We forget why we’ve fallen in love.

Sound, and music in particular, is one of the most primitive and innate forms of expression. People all over the world have used it since ancient times in many different ways — to cry, to celebrate, to worship, to satirize, to revolt. It’s freedom. It’s all about freedom. Even in the deepest of anguishes, one can still have it. It’s in you even when silent. Notes keep playing in your head. Music is somehow divine. Nothing can destroy it.

I’ve witnessed, however, many destroyed by the industry, bankrupt, depressed, suffering from deep anxiety, drowned in drugs and alcohol. I admire the ones that manage to keep their heads above the water. I admire even more the ones that manage to keep their heads above the water and their integrity, passion and freedom intact. Despite the struggle, I believe that that is the closest to happiness we’ll ever get.

So, today, I am not writing any further. I just want to celebrate those who still create freely, without any constraints.

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