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Welcome to sofmema’s Business series!

In the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on bringing you an artist management perspective of marketing. However, the music industry is more than just artists, even though without them there would be no industry. With this in mind, I thought it would be important for you as an independent artist, agent, manager, music entrepreneur, or simply as a music fan, to know the other side of the story.

In The Heart Of Dublin

Today I want to tell you about Musicmaker — a music store in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

I had just arrived from Berlin, my previous home. What I found in Dublin was a vibrant and charismatic music scene, full of enthusiastic and really good musicians, especially guitar players and singer-songwriters. I missed my guitar. It had been a year since I played mine, left alone in Portugal. The only music I made while in Berlin was purely electronic, which I love, but I missed having my fingers around the fretboard and jamming to the sound of my favorite artists.

One of those cold days in 2016, I was walking down Exchequer Street and noticed a couple music stores. I got in the first one — it was called Musicmaker. Right there and then my love story began. It was #BlackSaturday and I left the store with a beautiful Fender Telecaster.

Do you want to know why I fell in love with Musicmaker?

Because they do brilliant marketing. Plus, they have excellent personnel and quality gear to back that up. For me there are at least 4aspects that immediately come to mind.

1. Consistent Branding & Communications

From online channels to their physical store. You can easily identify Musicmaker by not only their logo but especially by the brand’s tone of voice — semi-casual, personalized, tailored to the musician / music geek audience they target. Both online and offline you have a sense of who the brand is. The experience you have at the store is extended to their social media channels, website and even evident on email communications.

2. Exceptional Social Media & Content

They are present across different social platforms and use each of them to promote different types of content. One thing Musicmaker does that I do not see many businesses in music doing is to take advantage of holidays and special occasions and work around it.

A great example of this is Black Friday. Except for this Dublin store it happens on a Saturday and it’s therefore called Black Saturday. My guess is that most of their customers are more available on the weekend than during the working week. Besides that, it is also a good opportunity for potential customers to come in to the store, seduced by that day’s discounts, and be charmed for life. The point is, this campaign reached great social media coverage, generating shares, likes and other interactions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebookused to promote video content and events. Musicmaker often organizes workshops and masterclasses with top musicians and other experts.
  • Instagramused to announce new products, campaigns and preview video content, such as product reviews by industry professionals. The latter also allows for cross-promotion, bringing users to their other channels.
  • Twittermore direct interaction with customers, announcing new products, etc.
  • YouTubemostly used for product demos and reviews.

3. Great customer experience

Yes, customer experience is part of marketing too! Already discussed on the points above, but it’s worth mentioning that this company is made of great people. For me the staff in store are the reason I remain a customer. They approach you in a natural way (not forced sales way), advise you according to your needs (not their sales needs) and if a product you’re looking for is not available they will show you other alternatives (believe me, this does not always happen in other stores). The online service is the same — really helpful, professional, great expertise and efficient.

And I love how all staff always recognize you and warmly welcome you when you come back to the store!

4. Networking — Going The Extra Mile

This is an interesting one. In an ever evolving industry, it is extremely important to stay up to speed with innovation, new players and new gear. I noticed on my LinkedIn that these guys actually fly all over the world to get to the top music fairs and conventions in the industry, seeking new material and connections. For example, one of their representatives was present in one of the year’s biggest events for music merchants — NAMM, at Anaheim, California, US.

Bottom line:

Mix passion with talent and good strategy, put the customer at the center of your business, and make it soar.

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